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Technology working to make life better

Since 1997 PEGO Srl is specialized in the design and production of high quality electrode steam humidifiers.
The wide range of humidifiers is suitable for any type of application: industrial plants, offices, civil facilities, call centres, hotels, museums and bookshops, technological or medical facilities, tobacco industry, food industry, seasoning, wood industry, paper mills, printing industries and steam rooms.
Affirmed on the national market, with solutions always to the vanguard, PEGO expanded then on european and international level, supported by an efficient net of distributors.
The long experience and our professional technical offices leads to a prompt answer to the Customers, from the estimation and design of the product to the post-sale assistance.
Strength point is the constant aid supplied directly to the installers, for all the problems which can be discovered during the installation.
PEGO goal is to satisfy our Customers solving their specific problems and always designing improved and technologically enhanced products.
Our staff is at your disposal to guarantee the aid and the quality which has marked us for years.

We guarantee your results

The experience of making electrode steam humidifiers is our best reference and warranty.
All our products are made with the
highest quality materials and equipments, as well as production processes are constantly monitored in accordance with EU Directives and relevant reference standards currently in force.